Friday, June 1, 2012

A Change of Hats

Goodbye dress pants and fancy shoes.  Hello capris and flip-flops.
Goodbye alarm clocks.  Hello crying. (soon)
Goodbye contract time.  Hello to hoping to leave the house sometime during the am hours.
Goodbye 8 hour work day.  Hello 24/7.
Goodbye bell schedule.  Hello no schedule. (though crossing my fingers that we can get Baby Bunny on a schedule sooner than later!!)
Goodbye grading papers.  Hello writing more blogs. (at least for now--who knows what will happen in a few weeks!)
Goodbye bulletin board making.  Hello craft projects.
Goodbye dirty (I tried so hard to make the kids keep it clean and throw away their trash.  Sometimes, this worked better than others....) classroom.  Hello clean home.
Goodbye cooking labs.  Hello dinner.
Goodbye 200+ kids.  Hello 1 baby.

Goodbye teacher.  Hello mommy.

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