Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sleeping with Angels

I have heard it said before that angels walk the halls at Primary Children's Hospital. I know that now for myself!

Yesterday morning, I took Devin to the pediatrician's office because his belly button was oozing out pus and was really red. I really thought that the doctor would tell me to put a bandaid on and he would be fine. But I just wanted it checked. Well, it was the complete opposite reaction from what I expected. Oozing belly buttons when you are 16 days old can apparently be life threatening.

We were sent straight to Primary Children's and the doctor prepped me for the worst before we left the office-- he would be having emergency surgery as soon as we got there and would have to have a spinal tap to check for other complications. We were allowed to drive ourselves there because he was stable at the moment. Holy cow so grateful I took him to the doctor and so extremely grateful to live in a day with medical technology!! Although I did not like the sound of surgery, he would live through it just fine and life would be great again.

We spent most of the day siting in the ER room while we waited for various tests to be ran and he even had an ultrasound. He was not rushed straight into surgery because his belly button looked better when we walked through the ER doors. Casey gave him a blessing and everyone started praying! Prayers are heard!! Heavenly Father is so loving!

When the surgeon team looked at his belly button yesterday, it was no longer red (Apparently the red color was a huge sign of a serious problem.) but it was still leaking a little bit. Surgery was not going to be needed and they would come check on Devin this morning to see how it looked.

So long story short, they started an antibiotic through an IV in his foot. It is a general antibiotic that treats a lot of things until all of the lab cultures come back and they know exactly what is wrong. We spent the night at Primary Children's and angels slept with us all-- I am sure! We will be here for another day or two at least.

When the surgeon team looked at his belly button an hour or so ago this morning, it looked totally normal. It wasn't oozing stuff any more and it seemed to have closed completely. The team agreed that it was truly a miracle and that prayers are heard in this hospital.

We just need everyone's prayers at the moment. If we think of anything else that we need or something that friends and family can do to help us, we will for sure let you know! Devin is eating so well and has plenty of dirty diapers that his IV was turned completely off at the moment. However, it will still be used to administer the antibiotics every few hours. He is a happy baby and we feel so blessed!


Tiersha said...

So glad to know everything is okay! Heavenly Father truly does watch over us. I am so grateful for the power of the Priesthood as well. I am so happy for your little family!!

Jaron and Kellie Holt Family said...

Mom told me about it so I was worried. It's hard to see your children in pain, I will have to tell you about Abby's first days in this world sometime. I'm so glad he's okay!!!