Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Name Devin

Deciding on a name is much more difficult than I could have imagined. All of my students (especially the 8th graders) had lists of their top baby names. And believe me, I heard their suggestions almost daily. It is easy to make long lists when it is just one person-- the trick was creating a list with two people... together.

I had several requirements for what our baby's name could NOT be. No abbreviations. No weird spellings. No silent b's or q's hidden in the name. (That goes with the spelling. Some of my students would get so irritated when I couldn't pronounce their name correctly on day one. Um, hello... have you seen how your name is spelled?! You should be mad at your parents, not the teacher!) No name that starts with a C or K. No really long names. No name that is ridiculously creative. Then I just had a list of absolutely not names because they were nightmare students and ruined the name. All of these NOs definitely narrowed our selection.

I downloaded a name app and scrolled through name after name. We came up with a short list that we both liked and met all of my requirements. Casey did not want to decide until we held Baby Bunny. I agreed with that but then decided that we had to have a name before we left the hospital.

Casey kept coming back to Devin. He really liked it. I had my own favorite on our list so we kept thinking about it. Once Baby Bunny was born, everyone was anxious to know his name. We didn't know. On the whiteboard in my recovery room, my CNA made a list of goals for Baby Bunny's first day of life. Our top priority goal was deciding on a name. We knew he would need to go by something other than Baby Bunny for the rest of his life. :)

By day two of Baby Bunny's life, we decided. Devin. It means divine. That was the major push over for me because my favorite name didn't mean anything. And we truly feel that our baby is a divine gift.
July 28, 2012 -- 7 weeks old
Devin is hugging Mommy!
His hands were not just flopped around my body. He was really hugging me!

Side note: I read somewhere that you have to teach a baby to hug because it doesn't come naturally to them. I have constantly been teaching him by example of hugging him and hugging Casey. Devin is a smart boy and  is learning so quickly! Getting a baby hug, is one of my favorite things right now! :)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Mother's Lounge

Ever since I was a teenager, I was blessed with the wonderful opportunity to help clean the church at mutual. Let's be honest though, cleaning the building nights was not exactly my favorite mutual activity but I would still go.

There was one room though that I always loved cleaning. And that was the mothers's nursing lounge. I had dreams of someday being able to sit in such a place and hold my dear little baby. I would look at the rocking chair with fondness and look to the future when I would someday be able to sit in that chair for the purpose it was intended.

Fast Forward to last summer when we moved into our new apartment which also meant attending a new ward. I noticed the mother's nursing lounge the first Sunday we went to the new building. After you enter the women's restroom, there is a door immediately inside with the beautiful letters "Mother's Lounge" written on the door. And so my dream to be able to step foot inside this room continued every time I had to use the restroom at church.

I was so curious as to what the room would look like. I had concluded that this must be a beautiful, large room. Obviously who ever designed the building must have designed this room to be a grand suite because (1) it was IN the restroom and (2) it had its own door. I have been in some buildings where the lounge was attached to the restroom but there was no door and other buildings where the lounge was no where near the restroom. Once we found out I was pregnant, reality set in that I would soon be able to set foot into this room. And so my imagination went wild as I pictured what this glorious room looked like.

We were all on time for church today. And Devin was even content enough that I was able to listen to the discussion on missionary work in Relief Society. But I realized that he had about had it and I could either go feed him during Sunday School or I could attempt to keep him quiet knowing that he wouldn't survive very long and possibly have to miss taking the Sacrament because I was feeding my baby. As luxurious as this room must be, there is nothing that it worth missing taking the Sacrament each week.

With diaper bag around my shoulder and Devin and blanket in my arms, I headed towards the Mother's Lounge. Excitement spread through my body as I walked down the hallway because I would finally have a reason to open the door.

The moment arrived. I opened the door. Gasp. Pause. Smile.

So much for a luxurious suite. The two rocking chairs take up practically the entire room. But obviously this room is busy because there are two plastic chairs stuffed awkwardly in there as well. And there is a changing table (which practically opens onto the lap of one of the rocking chairs) and a sink. Well, it wasn't big but it still had a purpose to serve.

And I enjoyed being able to sit and rock my baby while he ate. It was a wonderful moment and one that won't last for very many months and so I chose to love every second of my over crowded, squeaky chair Mother's Lounge experience.