Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Name Devin

Deciding on a name is much more difficult than I could have imagined. All of my students (especially the 8th graders) had lists of their top baby names. And believe me, I heard their suggestions almost daily. It is easy to make long lists when it is just one person-- the trick was creating a list with two people... together.

I had several requirements for what our baby's name could NOT be. No abbreviations. No weird spellings. No silent b's or q's hidden in the name. (That goes with the spelling. Some of my students would get so irritated when I couldn't pronounce their name correctly on day one. Um, hello... have you seen how your name is spelled?! You should be mad at your parents, not the teacher!) No name that starts with a C or K. No really long names. No name that is ridiculously creative. Then I just had a list of absolutely not names because they were nightmare students and ruined the name. All of these NOs definitely narrowed our selection.

I downloaded a name app and scrolled through name after name. We came up with a short list that we both liked and met all of my requirements. Casey did not want to decide until we held Baby Bunny. I agreed with that but then decided that we had to have a name before we left the hospital.

Casey kept coming back to Devin. He really liked it. I had my own favorite on our list so we kept thinking about it. Once Baby Bunny was born, everyone was anxious to know his name. We didn't know. On the whiteboard in my recovery room, my CNA made a list of goals for Baby Bunny's first day of life. Our top priority goal was deciding on a name. We knew he would need to go by something other than Baby Bunny for the rest of his life. :)

By day two of Baby Bunny's life, we decided. Devin. It means divine. That was the major push over for me because my favorite name didn't mean anything. And we truly feel that our baby is a divine gift.
July 28, 2012 -- 7 weeks old
Devin is hugging Mommy!
His hands were not just flopped around my body. He was really hugging me!

Side note: I read somewhere that you have to teach a baby to hug because it doesn't come naturally to them. I have constantly been teaching him by example of hugging him and hugging Casey. Devin is a smart boy and  is learning so quickly! Getting a baby hug, is one of my favorite things right now! :)

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