Friday, August 3, 2012

He has a JOB!

While Devin and I were strolling through the library a few days ago, we found one book that we had to check out and read to Daddy. "How to get a JOB by Me the Boss." (written by Sally Lloyd-Jones and Sue Heap) I read it to Casey (and Devin). And although it is a children's picture book it makes some wonderful suggestions.

"First, you must write down EVERY SINGLE THING you're good at on ONE PIECE OF PAPER that's called your Resume. And then you have to keep showing it to everyone. 'Look, Everyone!' you say. 'See how ABSOLUTELY marvelous I am?'"

"Now you have a 'Job Interview.' which is when The Boss asks you TONS of questions to find stuff out. Like, are you a criminal? Can you read and write? Do you know how to use scissors? Can you dress yourself?"

"At the end of the Interview you say, 'Please may I have the job?' And The Boss says, 'OK, here it is.' And that's when you shake hands and shout, 'Hooray for ME! I got the job! I'm so COMPLETELY GREAT!'"

After reading it to Casey, I asked him to evaluate how he was doing. His resume IS only ONE page. (I'm impressed!) He is not a criminal and knows how to use scissors. But he confessed that he had never begged for the job at the end. Bingo. We found the problem-- ask for the job at the end! :)

He has been applying for jobs since long before Devin was born. He can't even remember how many applications he has filled out nor the number of interviews. But he has had probably 5 or 6 interviews recently. And so we kept praying.

And today Casey jumped with joy as he was able to shout, "I got the JOB!" Yippee! And it is at the place where he liked the best. Our constant prayer has been answered! Our needs will be taken care of, he can continue with school, will never have to work a weekend, has paid holidays and vacation days, and we will have BENEFITS!!!! Yeah!!! And now our constant prayer is one of gratitude!

Casey really is COMPLETELY GREAT!!!

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