Sunday, November 4, 2012

Gratitude Challenge {FHE Lesson}

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching and several people posting something they are grateful for each day this month, I thought it would be fun to start the month off with a gratitude lesson for FHE instead of waiting until the Monday before Thanksgiving. Hopefully it will help us learn to live in the Spirit of Thanksgiving Daily for the entire month instead of just one day.

Opening Song: #241 Count Your Blessings

Opening Prayer:


  • D&C 59:21
    • Ingratitude (confessing not His hand) offends God
  • Ask each family member to share a time when the Lord blessed them. 
    • Be prepared to help them remember stories from their individual lives. Do not hurry this part-- let everyone discuss and reminisce.

  • Now ask them to share a blessing they received from the Lord today. 
    • Explain that sometimes it is easier to remember the big blessings of the past, and that is important; but we should also remember the blessings He gives us every day. Be prepared to help them with ideas.
  • Watch the youtube video clip from Pres. Monson's talk about gratitude. (He reads the story of the 10 leppers then explains it a little bit. You could just read the story, but I like hearing the prophet's voice.)
    • Discuss Question Ideas:
      • What story did Pres. Monson read from the scriptures?
      • How many returned to give thanks?
      • How did Jesus respond to the grateful person?
      • Do you think it was easy for the one person to return? Why/ why not?
      • What does sincerely giving thanks do? (Pres. Monson listed two things after he read the story.)
      • Why is it important to give thanks?
      • What are three ways that you can be more like the one who returned and sincerely given thanks?
  • Read D&C 78:19
    • What do you think it means to "receive all things with thankfulness"?
    • How can we do that? (the next youtube video/ Mormon Message helps teach us how to do this.)
  • Watch the Mormon Message about Thanksgiving Daily.
  • Make a goal to live in the Spirit of Thanksgiving Daily as a family. One way to do that is to take the Gratitude Challenge. (See the Activity idea below.)
  • List 100 things that you are grateful for. What? 100 seems too large? It is easy if you take the Gratitude Challenge! Simply print the "i am grateful for..." chart for each member of the family. And then have everyone fill it in. It is not a race, nor secretive. Feel free to help each other list your 100 ideas. For young children: have them tell you and you write it down for them but I think they are still capable of listing all 100 things. After they finish, have them draw a picture on the back while you make your own list.

Closing Song: #219 Because I Have Been Given Much (fyi: I can't link this to play online because it is copyrighted... time to bust out those dusty paper hymnbooks)

Closing Prayer: 

  • Thanksgiving Blessing Mix
    • Talk about each thing in the trail mix while you are making it and what it represents. 
    • Print off some tags and put some in packages to share with your neighbors and friends.

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