Saturday, January 26, 2013

Our Dream Home

 I keep singing "If I Were a Rich Man" from Fiddler on the Roof. In that song, Tevye describes his dream house.
I'd build a big tall house with rooms by the dozen
Right in the middle of the town,
A fine tin roof with real wooden floors below.
There would be one long staircase just going up
And one even longer coming down,
And one more leading nowhere, just for show.
And while his house might be a bit elaborate, it is his dream. 

My actual dream house where money didn't matter would probably be just as elaborate. But we live in a realistic world where money does matter so we might have to cut out the stair case "leading nowhere, just for show." ;)

  • In an area where we can get one of the housing grants (not all parts of the valley offer that and some cities have stricter rules than others)
  • Located in an accessible area (meaning near-ish the freeway/ trax/ etc)
  • Not on a busy street but not a dead end either
  • Previous owners can not be smokers (my allergies would go crazy!) 
    • and the house can not smell like pets either
  • We want an actual house--not mobile home or condo
  • Has to feed to good schools
  • Electric dryer hook-up
  • Kept in good shape and ready to move in 
  • The water tastes good (I will seriously ask to drink the water before we put an offer on it!)
  • Good Ward (how do you tell before you buy the home??)

  • Has a small formal living room, a large kitchen and a family room all on the same level (or the family room could be down a few stairs like in a tri-level house)
  • Has at least a 3/4 master bathroom
  • There are two rooms in addition to the master room on the same level/ right by each other.
  • Hopefully another room/ den/ office in the basement.
  • Has a good storage room
  • Garage
    • at least a carport
  • A yard big enough for Devin to play in
    • and grow a garden
  • Has a garbage disposal
  • No carpet in the dining room (ugh! Such a pain--that has to be the thing I like the least about our apartment right now)
  • The family room is large enough to play the Wii 
    • and have the family computer in there
  • Lots of natural light

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Tricia said...

The best way to find out about the ward would just be to go and visit. If you call the bishop of course he'll say it's a great ward. You probably already know this, but all you have to do is put in the address on the church website and it'll give you the ward location and meeting times.