Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Measuring Success

 I love making a to-do list in the morning and then checking things off as I finish them. I feel like I accomplished something. I feel success for the day.

But how do you truly measure success as a mother?

Devin is still alive--never mind the fact that he has breakfast still smeared in his hair at dinner time and I just barely got him out of his pjs right before Daddy came home. Some days this counts as success.

Or we did absolutely nothing today. The house is a disaster. But I watched Devin learn how to walk and celebrate his accomplishment. I built him block towers and watched him knock them over. I let him get out every single toy and book with in his reach and didn't bother cleaning up as we went because he was having fun. This definitely has to be a successful day.

And then there are some days where I literally have a million things to do. My check list is miles long. So I sat Devin beside me and got to work on cleaning and laundry and dinner and projects and dishes and etc. I am exhausted by the end of the day. I checked of my to-do list. So that means I was successful, right?!

But are these examples truly measuring success? How do I know if I am successful as a mommy? How do I know if my efforts are good enough?

I found a list in Preach My Gospel (page 10-11) that defines success for a missionary. With a few tweaks, I finally have my list to know if I am a successful mother!

I am a successful as a mom when I...
  • feel the spirit testify to my children through me
  • love my children and desire their salvation
  • obey with exactness
  • live so that I can receive and know how to follow the Spirit; the Spirit will show me where to go, what to do, and what to say
  • develop Christlike attributes
  • work effectively everyday, do my very best to bring my son to Christ, and earnestly seek to learn & improve
  • help build the Church wherever I am
  • warn Devin about the consequences of sin and invite him to make commitments
  • teach & serve other mothers
  • go about doing good

Success is not something that can be measured or checked off. In short, success is being obedient, living righteously, and doing my best. It is a inner commitment. It is who I am--not my unfinished to-do list or getting out of our pajamas. 

And... my absolute favorite quote from PMG about success.
"Avoid comparing yourself  to other moms
and measuring the outward results of 
your efforts against theirs."

(And with that being said... here is to starting on my LONG to-do list today!)

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