Saturday, June 1, 2013

Dream Home vs. Actual Home

When we started the home buying process at the beginning of this year, I made a list of of our dream home. There were certain requirements that it had to have and then others that we really wanted but could live without. I thought it would be interesting to compare and see if our home matches our dream home. My list is posted below in orange and the actual home is written in purple.

  • In an area where we can get one of the housing grants (not all parts of the valley offer that and some cities have stricter rules than others) YES! Our grant is being processed right now! I still need to go turn in several forms but I was told the process was already started.
  • Located in an accessible area (meaning near-ish the freeway/ trax/ etc) Near-ISH being the key word in that. Ish. It is sort of... kind of accessible/ near Trax. Which also means it is sort of... kind of far away. It is not as close as we would like. But oh well.
  • Not on a busy street but not a dead end either YES!! It is in a good location in its neighborhood. It is a small street that is off a major street.
  • Previous owners can not be smokers (my allergies would go crazy!) and the house can not smell like pets either. The house smells clean. I think we should be fine, especially after a good carpet cleaning. I think the previous owners did smoke but always outside.
  • We want an actual house--not mobile home or condo. YES!! It is free standing with it's own fenced in yard.
  • Has to feed to good schools. YES! From all the extensive research I have done on the schools, it seems to be in a very good school area.
  • Electric dryer hook-up. YES!
  • Kept in good shape and ready to move in. More or Less. There was a kid there that did wonders to all the walls with his artwork. And we know that some of the appliances need help. It will be interesting to see what else we learn about what is wrong with our home after we get a home inspection.
  • The water tastes good (I will seriously ask to drink the water before we put an offer on it!) No idea right now. I'm slightly nervous about this. The house was winterized and there was no way to tell what it tastes like. But I'm hopeful!
  • Good Ward (how do you tell before you buy the home??) Another no idea... We are praying it is though. And praying we will find life long friends! I guess I will have to report back on these two after we move in.

  • Has a small formal living room, a large kitchen and a family room all on the same level (or the family room could be down a few stairs like in a tri-level house) Nope. It does have a large kitchen!!!! No family room at all. But a completely unfinished basement. Our house was not the layout/ floor plan I wanted.
  • Has at least a 3/4 master bathroom. Nope. It is a one bathroom house.
  • There are two rooms in addition to the master room on the same level/ right by each other. Nope. It is only 2 rooms total. (I wanted 3.)
  • Hopefully another room/ den/ office in the basement. Nope. But it could because it is completely unfinished.
  • Has a good storage room. Sure-- isn't that what unfinished basements are for?! Storage...
  • Garage at least a carport. We got our at least. No garage but it does have a carport.
  • A yard big enough for Devin to play in and grow a garden. Yes. The actual yard is fairly big compared to most houses in the surrounding area. But currently it is a complete weed patch. So it will take a lot of TLC. And when we redo the grass, we are going to add a garden somewhere.
  • Has a garbage disposal. I honestly don't know right now. I would assume yes because it has a built in dishwasher!
  • No carpet in the dining room (ugh! Such a pain--that has to be the thing I like the least about our apartment right now) YES! I don't know what the kitchen and dining rooms are; I think some sort of laminate. But whatever it is, I can sweep it with a broom. I'm SOOOO grateful the dining room is not carpeted!!
  • The family room is large enough to play the Wii and have the family computer in there. Nope. No family room right now. In the future though when we finish the basement, this could become a yes.
  • Lots of natural light. The kitchen and dining room has a ton! But I think our house is just about normal on this matter. There are good sized windows in all the rooms.

It is not the house that I dreamed of. It does not have the floor plan I wanted. But it is our home. It is in a good area. And it really does meet nearly all of our requirements. And has the potential to meet a lot of our dreams. Although an unfinished basement is not "move in ready," I'm excited to be able to finish it any way I want! I can use all of my interior design skills and make the basement what we want.

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