Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I am a FACS Momma!

Last night, I was a very lucky girl and had two escorts to our apartment building ice cream social. One escort held my hand and the other was tethered to me with his lion backpack/ leash.

It was nice to meet people in the complex! One super cute girl asked me if I used my degree at all. I immediately responded, "Yes!! Everyday!" as I looked at Devin. I know she meant the question to mean am I currently teaching and using my degree in the way it was intended but that wasn't the question.

It made me think. Do I use my bachelors degree anymore? Am I really using it everyday? Were all of my classes and textbooks and fees and labs and scholarships and the time spent for nothing?

I love the quote that says, "When you educate a man you educate an individual; when you educate a woman you educate a whole family."

But more than educating a family, I really use my degree everyday of my life. Seriously. The knowledge I gained while studying for tests and completing projects made me who I am today. And my degree was definitely not for waste. If nothing else, I learned how to learn when I was in college. That skill alone is completely invaluable!

I loved my family finance class and now love budgeting. I love being in charge of our money together and knowing where it is going instead of wondering where it went. Our budget is what is allowing us to buy a home right now! And living in our budget means knowing how to save money and distinguishing between wants and needs.

My interior design classes were extremely time consuming. But I learned so much! And trust me, I am already grateful for the knowledge. It made our apartment more homey instead of just a place to live. Once we move, I will really be using my interior design skills. I get to plan and paint and decorate. It will be amazing having color on my walls and finishing the basement anyway I want. Our home will truly transform from government owned fixer-upper to a place of beauty. A place of peace and shelter from the world. A place of laughter and hugs. A place that is ours.

One of my hardest classes and lowest grade at BYU was in my food science class. I worked so hard and crammed so much before tests. Luckily I was married when I took this class because Casey became my study buddy and quizzer. If it weren't for him, I am sure I would have done much worse! Surprisingly this is also one of my only books I ever refer back to now. Not because I care to review the chemical structure of foods. But because I want to know why certain ingredients affect recipes the way they do. I want to know how to modify recipes to make them healthier. I love figuring out why a recipe failed and how to improve the next attempt. I am constantly try new recipes--in fact it is rare that we eat the same thing twice. Along with this is making meal plans for the week, knowing how to have everything ready for dinner at the same time, and eating healthy but enjoyable meals. This is still a work in progress but I'm so glad for the foundation I have!

Then there is sewing. I have not followed a pattern to complete a project for a while now but someday I will! Sewing was not my favorite section because it was so time consuming. I would spend countless hours in the sewing lab. But I still use the basics constantly. I altered Casey's work shirts, mend holes, make baby ties, create homemade mittens, sew blankets, pillows and hooded towels.

The last part of my major was child care. Do I use this? Yes! Child care is more than merely babysitting and more than watching the TV together. I am meant to teach Devin and it needs to be on an age appropriate level. We are learning and growing every day. I'm really looking forward to when I can teach Devin preschool, just like how I taught preschool at BYU and as a student teacher. We are going to do experiments and go on field trips. We will have dramatic play and stations. We will have activities to go with the children's book. But forget the future. I'm teaching today; I'm teaching every hour of every day. Devin is learning about the Sacrament and how to count. He is learning his colors, shapes, body parts, etc. And he helps me pack boxes and do the laundry.

So yes. I truly am using my degree. Constantly. It blesses my life. It blesses my family. It blesses countless others.

I am a Family and Consumer Science Momma!

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