Friday, July 26, 2013

From Humble Beginnings

I was asked to share pictures. At first I was hesitant because our house is not "picture-perfect."
But it is a work in progress.
And I'm sure you will all be forgiving of the piles of boxes.
We haven't even lived here a week yet!

(And as a side note, yesterday Devin and I went for a walk. I couldn't figure out for sure what street I was on and there was no street sign at the intersection. I saw some teenage girls nearby. I asked them what street I was currently on and asked them how to find our street. See... I haven't even lived here for a week yet. I sure with time all the twisty/ windy/ changes-street-names-in-the-middle-of-the-road streets will begin to make sense.)

Our Living Room!
I worked super hard to make this Devin-proof.
I can't wait to hang pictures and decorations!

The kitchen.
See the cupboards?! I'm making progress!!
(Ignore the mess on the counter!)

Casey surprised me with beautiful roses!
And we hand carried the statue(s) to make sure they didn't break.
It's so nice now that Christ is not packed in a box.
Seeing Him on the kitchen table is a daily reminder to stay focused on Him.

I'm really looking forward to hanging pictures back up.
Until then, I found this magnet for our fridge.
In our completely chaotic world, it is nice having this constant.

I can't believe I'm posting this!
From Humble Beginnings!!
Our dining room/ pantry disaster.
Devin has taken it upon himself to help unpack everything he can reach.
Which means all that stuff on the floor is from my little helper....

Our bed!!
Before we moved, I was terrible about making the bed.
Now I make it EVERY day
--probably because it is the only thing clean in our lives.

The pile of boxes/ suitcases that we dig through regularly.

Devin's room.
See the sleeping baby?
I haven't even attempted to tame his room...

We found the changing table, diapers & wipes.
He sleeps in the pack 'n' play (because the crib is in pieces).
We kept track of his blankie.
I dig through his suitcase in the closet to find clean clothes.
What more does he need?

Our bathroom currently.
We are just so grateful to have a working toilet.
Our poor neighbor was probably sick of us borrowing hers.
We shower at my parents house.
We are PRAYING that this will be done by Monday!

Our "office" and laundry room.
Nothing fancy or organized.
But functional.

(The lowest part of the basement.)
I will get to these boxes... someday.

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