Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Parade of OUR Home

Buying our home is actually seeming real.
Like this is going to happen in ONE WEEK real!
I thought it was about time to take you all on a tour. :)

Welcome to The Parade of OUR Home!

I have not taken any pictures myself.
These are all from the MLS when our house was listed.

And eventually, slowly, someday we will remodel and change most things.
New paint for sure.
Everything is painted cream right now.
However, the redecorating will have to wait.
The first goal is to make it livable and fix everything that is broken/ leaks/ etc.

I love the backyard is completely fenced it.
I love the wide porch in the front.
I love the tree to shade our house!
This is the living room.
The picture makes it seem rather small.
The stairs and a HUGE coat closet are behind.
The carpet is in fairly good shape.
The dining room.
I love that the floor is NOT carpet!
I love the bay window.
We will put our pantries and freezer, as well as table, in here.
The kitchen.
I love that the cupboards are wood.
I am SO tired of white!
Devin's room.
He actually has two windows.
If you look at the front of the house, both windows on the top level are in his room.
Devin loves his windows!!
They are short enough that he can look out.
This picture has been edited pretty well.
There is crayon and marker and etc ALL over the walls.
Our room.
I love that it has a ceiling fan.
And a door to the bathroom.
I LOVE our closet!!
The bathroom.
This will be one of the first things to get a makeover.
The floor by the bathtub needs help.
There are missing cupboards on the vanity.
Its not a gigantic bathroom.
But it is big enough for our needs.
Half of the unfinished basement.
The small area on the left will be a half bath and laundry room.
The other window will be a bedroom/ office.
Behind this picture will be our large family room.
There is like a black triangle on the left.
That is the stairs going down to the other half of the basement.
We are going to put in a huge master suite.
And a storage room. And a pantry.

This will really be ours... in ONE week. 
I'm SO excited!
We will sign hundreds of papers and finally be given the keys. 
And the very first thing we are doing once we have the keys?
Changing the locks. :)

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