Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Things I Love

I'm making progress on transforming this house into our home. Although I am far from done... countless boxes to unpack... cupboards, lights, windows, doors, etc!! still to clean... a weed patch that needs taming... the list goes on!

Even though it is a major work in progress, I have already fallen in love with this place! Seriously. It's OUR home!!

Here are a few of my absolute favorite things about our house:

1. I have to go up 3 stairs from the carport to the kitchen--not 2 whole flights. Carrying anything in or out is SOOO much easier!!

2. Our coat closet actually closes all the way. I know. It's the simple things. But by closing completely, it means I can hide a giant packing mess behind the door and Devin can't touch it. 

3. We could not have asked for a better next door neighbor. She is absolutely amazing and so gracious. I love talking with her every time we are both outside or I have to go borrow something. 

4. Along those same lines, I already love our ward!! I was super worried about this. But I shouldn't have stressed. We were so blessed to buy into such a welcoming and helpful neighborhood!! And... my former seminary teacher is in the Bishopric. Plus a girl we went to high school with lives only a few houses away. Crazy how it is such a small world. 

5. I love my kitchen! It's gigantic compared to what we have lived with the past two years. There is actually enough cupboards to store everything. And a huge bar/ counter that will be used for rolling out doughs and homemade meals probably more often than not. 

6. The unfinished basement is a huge blessing in disguise!! It sure makes fixing all the leaks and problems a million times easier and cheaper. 

7. I love the freedom found only in a house. No downstairs neighbors. No people/ kids running and shouting RIGHT in front of our window. No manager or set rules to follow. AND we are investing in us--not the landlord. Seriously this has to be one of the best parts!

Our house is far from perfect.But it truly seems perfect for us. Or at least it is becoming that way--one scrubbed cupboard and one blind hung at a time.  


Maria said...

What about pictures to show off your home? :)

Lisa said...

I just posted a blog with pictures for you Maria! :)