Friday, August 23, 2013

More Than Enough

I wish our house was bigger. I wish we had a third bedroom right now and a place for the computer. I wish we had a garage. I wish the basement was finished. I wish the walls were painted with beautiful colors. I wish our ceiling fan didn't rattle/ click. I wish the dishwasher worked. I wish the backyard was grass. I wish we had a fire pit and a patio. I wish we had a working furnace. I wish the curtains and pictures were hung. I wish the basement wasn't piled with boxes.

I wish. I wish. I wish.

But I have to remind myself. This is enough. This was the house we were meant to buy. All the other offers fell through and Heavenly Father doesn't make mistakes.

We don't need a bigger house, it would just mean more to clean. There is no one to live in the third bedroom right now anyway. The computer works just fine in the basement. The cars are protected in our double carport. A finished basement would just mean moldy walls with all the plumbing/ leaking problems. The walls are at least clean. The fan normally stops clicking after it has been for a long time and then I fall asleep. We are saving money on electricity and I keep up with the dishes so at least they don't pile up. Devin doesn't mind playing on the weeds. Are standing fire pits even legal?? And if we want to have friends over on a patio--move the cars and instant "patio" under the carport. Who needs a furnace in the middle of summer?! There are blinds! I really don't spend much time in the basement anyway so I don't see the boxes... Devin is not allowed down here and screams at the door if I'm down here without him.

It is more than enough. My stake has a free exercise class every day--this means the world to me and gives me motivation to get up and get ready in the morning. It feels so good to exercise again. This is such a needed blessing!

It is more than enough. There are several young women in the ward who baby sit. So far we keep asking the same girl. She is great with Devin. She brings a sweet spirit into our home. And we can afford to pay her! Plus she babysat for free while we went to the temple. Words cannot even express what a blessing this is!! Sometimes the temple takes way longer than you plan because it is crowded. Without her generosity, I'm sure I would be a total stress case in the temple trying to get in and out and forgetting to learn and enjoy while we were there.

It is more than enough. With the Relief Society sisters all starting the Personal Progress program, I have found motivation to become better in the basics. I will admit. I was definitely slacking. But that changed because I want to pass off my experiences. But more than that, I want to transform into a Princess. This is probably one of the biggest blessings in my life right now--coming closer to the Savior and Heavenly Father!

It is more than enough.
My ward is just filled with the sweetest, most caring people. I know I have mentioned this before. But it is such a huge blessing to feel comfortable in my ward. To feel like I have friends. To feel like everyone in the ward shares our same standards.

So when the wishes start creeping in and I want something bigger/better/fancier/etc, I just have to remember. This house is more than enough. Heavenly Father did not make an accident. We are here for a purpose and we are so richly blessed!


Linnea said...

Beautiful post, Lisa! I often wish we had a house right now, but our place is just right for us (no dishwasher at all but that's ok!) and our ward us also the perfect fit for us, which is such a blessing. It's good to learn to appreciate what we have and live in the moment, instead of wishing for someday.

Keller Family said...

This is what I needed to read today! I am sorry our friendship didn't last, I wish we could be friends. :)

Suzi said...

Didn't have a dishwasher when we moved in, and I handwashed dishes for 12 years..and had daycare kids to deal with too. Everytime I want to move, I just can't imagine living in such a great ward. It is what you make it. Some people are just negative about everything. Sure there are bumps in the road that might try to throw us off, but somehow the soothing balm of love and friendship heals all the bumps.