Monday, September 23, 2013

15 Lessons from the 15 Month Old

Jesus taught that we should become as little children. (Matthew 18:2-3) His teaching is just beginning to make sense. I have learned so much from my charming 15 month old. Life lessons at their finest!

1. Say hello and wave to everyone you meet. It will bring a smile to both your faces and likely brighten their day. 

2. Applaud yourself. Celebrate even when you do the smallest things right. Clapping for yourself builds your confidence. 

3. Clap when anyone else does something right too. We all need a cheerleader in life. 

4. Let things go. So what if you made a mistake. You sit in time out for 90 seconds and come out smiling, ready to conquer your world and forget the problems. 

5. It's ok to ask others for help. Ask nicely. Say please and thank you. And more than likely they will be delighted to help in anyway they can. 

6. When you fall down, get back up. Falling is not failure. It just means you are learning. 

7. Support others when they have a bad day. Give them a cookie and a kiss. Because a cookie and a kiss really does make everything better. 

8. Try new things. Sometimes you might like them, it might even become your favorite. Sometimes you may not. But you never know until you try. 

9. Explore your world. There is so much out there. Pay attention and enjoy what you find. 

10. Find joy in the simple things. You don't need expensive toys to make you happy. 

11. Take a nap. Life's problems have a way of diminishing when you get enough rest. 

12. Worry less about your appearance. It doesn't really matter if your pants are too short or there's a spill on your shirt. Instead focus serving others. 

13. Make sure those you love know it. Tell them. Show them. Hug them. 

14. Patience goes a long way. Life is filled with waiting. You might as well enjoy it by  entertaining and playing with yourself. 

15. Don't judge others until you walk in their shoes. And even after walking in their shoes, still love and respect them unconditionally. 

If we could all just live by these simple guidelines and follow the counsel given by Christ... life would be so much more welcoming and supportive if we could truly learn to be like children. Thank you Devin for setting an example for me; an example worth copying.

Which is your favorite lesson taught by Devin?
Leave a comment--I would *love* to hear! :)

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Hannah said...

I love them all, but especially #11 and #14! Great post, Lisa!