Sunday, October 6, 2013

Wading through Isaiah

At Stake Conference a little while ago, my stake presidency challenged everyone in the stake to read the Book of Mormon again. I know there are blessings for those that obey the counsel. And I also just LOVE that there are strength in numbers. While Casey and I chose to both read it for our personal study, I'm not studying this book alone.

I recently started the Isaiah chapters in 2 Nephi. I'm not going to lie, Isaiah and I are less than best friends. In fact, in my super highlighted, thoughts filling the margins and quotes stuffed almost everywhere, the Isaiah Chapters are almost completely white. Very few colored verses. No impressions in the margins. I just struggle to understand the symbolism and difficult language. (For all of you Isaiah lovers out there, don't judge!)

There is one quote though that I keep in 2 Nephi 11. I treasure this quote and ponder it constantly while I wade through Isaiah. If there is anyone out there like me that struggles with Isaiah, I hope this quote by Boyd K. Packer will encourage you too.

Pres. Packer's entire talk is about reading the Book of Mormon... an excellent read if you are struggling to find the motivation and time to read the Book of Mormon.

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