Saturday, January 25, 2014

"Baaae-bee" Obsessed

First of all--no, its not me. I'm not the one obsessed with babies. And just so there is no confusion, we are not pregnant and this is not an announcement.

Now... with that being said... Allow me to introduce you to who is baby obsessed.

My sweet Mr. Devin. He is absolutely in love with his "baaae-bee!" I put Baby away for Christmas time because there were plenty of toys and other festive things to explore. And then after Christmas, Baby continued to stay put away because he had new toys to play with.

A couple of days ago, Devin found Baby and has refused to put him down since. I'm almost serious. The pictures above are just a few of the thousands I could have taken. He pushes Baby up and down our living room and kitchen in his wagon. This kept him occupied for probably 1/2 hour. Yesterday for breakfast, Baby had to sit with him in the high chair so he could share his banana. But just sitting together quickly became inadequate. Devin had to hug Baby the whole time he ate. He reads to his baby. He gives the baby a blanket. He shares all of his toys with baby. He gives the baby kisses. He teaches baby how to play with the "choo-choo" and "truk." 

When we run errands, his eyes light up with excitement when he sees a baby car seat or better yet the baby inside the car seat on the basket. And he lovingly and loudly declares "baaae-bee" over and over.

It melts my heart to see his sweet tender side. Someday... (refer to the very first statement of this post) he will be an amazing big brother!

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