Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Best Thing I Taught Devin...

It's hard to pick just one.

Because I could easily say hugs and baby kisses are the best. Or the way that he puts his own shoes away now (and sometimes even mine... hee,hee,hee). And I just love how he can basically feed himself now. Not to mention that he keeps his arms folded the entire time we pray (at least more often than not now) and he says "aaah-min" when the prayer is over. And we can't forget that he can point to and say "Be-sus" any time he sees a picture of Christ.

Actually when I stop and think about it, Devin has learned so much from my example and day to day life. It is almost crazy how much that kid has learned.


The very best thing he has learned so far...? I would definitely have to pick him knowing how and staying put in time out. Sounds funny. But I'm serious.

By the way, this was not an easy lesson for him to learn. We would count his poor behavior. "That's 1." No change. "That's 2." No change. "That's 3, you are in time out." I would walk him to timeout and he thought it was a game.

Truthfully, for awhile it really did seem like a game. Sometimes I would be so frustrated. And others I couldn't hold in the giggles. Both seemed to encourage Devin. And timeout really was becoming a game. I would put him in, he would come out. I would walk him back and sit him down and he would come out. Back and forth.

We were consistent though. And Casey was actually the strong one. Thank goodness for his support. We kept putting him back. As he went back the time would increase. If he came out early or released himself, I put him back and then he had to stay longer. Eventually something miraculous happen. He stayed. All by himself. Without me telling him to stay and without me walking him back. He just stayed.

And this is the absolute best thing he has ever learned because he gets the concept at any location.

My grandma's house he was going to break something. He got a warning and I distracted him with other toys. But eventually kept going back and I put him in time out. He stayed. Even though he was surrounded by unfamiliar objects to explore. He stayed! Or when we were at the library checking out DVDs. Devin wanted to help choose a DVD and he started pulling them all off the shelf then trying to open the cases. Obviously this was not going to work. So I sat him down and told him to stay. And he did. The entire time I browsed the DVD collection.

I almost feel like my little boy is a puppy dog in obedient school. "Stay." But I'm so grateful the concept finally clicked. And I'm grateful that he has a natural desire to be obedient!

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