Monday, February 10, 2014

Spiritually Filled by Stake Conference

Yesterday we had the opportunity to attend our Stake Conference. I did not have the ability to take notes because I had a charming toddler sitting on my lap. Sometimes I didn't even have a chance to pay attention because I was trying to keep said charming toddler quiet by whispering something in his ear. And because we were watching the conference broadcast style, sometimes the sound went out all together.

Some may wonder why we even bothered to go. Or wonder if it was worth the work to stuff my gigantic college-sized backpack with every religious board book we own, LDS coloring pages, Baby (to set a good example for Devin), random quiet toys, and enough snacks to feed probably half the people in attendance. Some may wonder what the point was to Stake Conference if I knew I would get so little from it.

I know the easy guess would be to teach Devin that we always go to church, even when it is not convenient. But that's not why I went. That's not why I packed a backpack with everything but the kitchen sink.

It's a selfish reason really. I went for me!

I went to be uplifted and inspired. I went because I needed my spiritual gas tank to be refilled. I went because I love the Lord. 

And I was so deeply blessed.

Thinking back to the talks, some I can't remember what was said at all. The others, I remember maybe a phrase or two. So all together, I got a few good thoughts. But really I got so much more.

I was blessed with the spirit. I was blessed with an outpouring of love from my Heavenly Father. And that love spread through me to my son. I was blessed with the strength to endure trying times. I was blessed with the power of prayer and the hope of peace. I was blessed with faith. I was blessed in my ability to be a mother and blessed to know how to teach my sweet, charming toddler the things of God. I was so blessed and Stake Conference truly was worth every sacrifice.

And I was especially blessed with a reminder of my favorite missionary story in the Book of Mormon. No one talked about this story. But as my Stake President shared his favorite missionaries in the Book of Mormon, the spirit reminded me of mine. And I hope and pray that someday my favorite story could be told of me as well.

My absolute favorite missionary story right now is one that I can relate to so perfectly. The mothers of the stripling warriors. Think about it. They taught their sons with faith and power and righteousness. Their sons became converted to the gospel and valiant in their actions because the mothers shared their testimonies on a regular basis. There is no way the stripling warriors could have become "stripling" with one brief testimony or one Stake Conference attended. They became who they were because of the daily virtuous example of their noble mothers--the best sister missionaries.

Someday.... Someday I truly hope that Devin will have a similar testimony because of my example. And I have so much work and areas I need to improve. But someday I pray that he will be my greatest missionary experience.

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