Sunday, May 4, 2014

Reaching for the Savior

Sacrament today with our little one proved to be a memorable experience. Somehow when the bread gets passed to us, Devin seems to forget all patience and wants to grab a whole fistful. Thankfully I was able to intercept and he only took one piece of bread. But it was immediately followed by a loud begging for more.

As the water tray approached, my little boy turned into an octopus. I'm not kidding. Somehow his two tiny arms are mass multiplied into eight lightning speed hands reaching for all the cups. I'm trying to contain his arms and take the tray while the only thing I can think about is water spilling everywhere. Thankfully we managed. We each drank one little cup, put it back and were able to pass the tray on with only a few drops of water on my skirt.

Honestly, I didn't think much more about it. But then our brand new Bishop (sustained today) stood up to share his testimony. He talked about how he saw little Devin reaching for the sacrament as we tried to stop him. He related it to how we all need to be reaching toward the Savior and how he hoped Devin would always keep reaching for Him.

Our Bishop's words touched my heart. And reminded me that the Sacrament is not about containing an almost two year old octopus but rather me personally reaching for the Savior and letting Him in my life.

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