Monday, February 8, 2016

The Timeline of Change

Sometimes life changes quickly.

Right now we are experiencing one of those "quickly" times.

Sun Jan 17.
Our home teachers came over. I remember them asking us how long we planned to stay in our home. To which we replied awhile. I have been looking at school options but Devin still has the rest of this year of preschool plus another whole year. We really were content to stay. Plus. Hello. We just finished our basement. I want to enjoy it!

Sat Jan 23.
The thought came to me that I should look into dual immersion schools. Totally random thought because up to this point, I had only really looked at charter schools. I posted on my facebook if anyone had any experience with dual immersion and figured that would be my research.

Mon Jan 25. 
I was sick. We had a pajama and movie day.

Tues Jan 26.
Repeat of pajama day. That evening after the kids were in bed, Casey stayed up to finish a movie that was due at the library. I tried to go to sleep. Instead turned to Google on my phone and started researching dual immersion. I learned that it is available in several languages and also that there is a difference between a one-way dual immersion and a two-way dual immersion. As I was bouncing websites, I found that there was a parent meeting for dual immersion on Jan 27.

Wed Jan 27.
Attended parent meeting. Super impressed with the school as well as the program. Learned that acceptance into the dual immersion program is awarded by a three-tier "lottery" system. Level one to students that live in the school boundaries. Level two to students that live in the district. Level three to students outside the district. (With level zero being given to siblings of those already in the program.) Decided that I want to live in that school's boundaries by the time Devin starts kindergarten so he would be in the level one lottery. So we would need to move in the next 18 months or so. No rush though.

Thur Jan 28.
Casey agreed with my idea of moving. But neither of us were in a hurry.

Fri Jan 29.
Texted our realtor (amazing realtor btw... in case anyone needs a referral... this man truly is the best and so on top of everything!) and told him we were going to look at moving but it wasn't a rush. I told him our requirements. It had to be in the boundaries of this one elementary school. And a rambler because my knees can't handle the stairs in our current home. Again told him we were in no hurry. Just something that to be in the back of his mind for when the right house appears.

Sat Jan 30.
Attended a free movie event with our mortgage company. (Love them too!) Talked briefly to our loan officer that we would be moving sometime in the next year or so but we were not in a hurry. He asked when we could come in and get preapproved. We didn't know. Sometime in the next week or two. But we were not ready to move right now. 

I had already sat down with our budget, figured out how much we would be comfortable with for a house payment and did the math myself. I knew what price range we could afford.

Mon Feb 1.
A house is listed that met all of my requirements (location, rambler, number of bedrooms, living and great room). Text realtor and ask if we can go see it. He takes us. The house smells faintly of smoke and strongly of Lysol. Not interested at all. I told him of another home in the area that was for sale that I thought met my requirements but was not certain. It was really a maybe and I wasn't even sure if I wanted to see it. I would have been OK just skipping seeing that house and going home. He takes us to that house.

And this is when everything changed quickly.

It is not my dream house. But it is close. The things I dislike I could either live with or we could change. We decide to think about it.

Tues Feb 2.
Ask to go see the house again during daylight hours. Casey left work a bit early and we went as soon as he got home. Meanwhile, I'm emailing with loan officer for our preapproval. Not the typical process. But we are preapproved. And our preapproval is for 75k more than what I had figured. Seriously?! There is no way we could afford a house payment that high. The loan officer agreed with me and what I had figured out with our budget but based on numbers, that was the amount. 

We go see the house again. There are things I want to change. But the pros outweigh the cons. We decided to put an offer on it. After the kids are in bed, we debate how much to offer. Finally decided, text it to our realtor. He sends us the documents and we electronically sign them around 11pm. Our offer is submitted. So much for moving in like a year plus. We are now moving immediately. This was not the plan. 

Wed Feb 3.
The offer is conditional that (1) our house will sell and that (2) our house will be on the market to be able to sell by Saturday. I start cleaning like crazy. And making trips to the DI. Who does this? To get a house from being lived in/ normal clutter to show ready in three days?! We wait to hear back from the offer.

Thurs Feb 4.
Cleaning. Casey took the day off work to finish the bathroom floor downstairs. The deadline for the counter offer passes. We hear nothing. 

Fri Feb 5. 
Casey again took the day off work. More DI runs. No response from the selling agent/ person selling the home. At this point we decide that basically our offer has been rejected. I put all the cleaning aside because there is no longer a rush with our offer being rejected. Instead of cleaning after lunch, I play with the kids and read books. Life is great. The stress is gone. We are back to the we will move someday.

About 2:30pm our realtor calls. He just got a counter offer with an extension because they missed the deadline. It was higher than we wanted but overall not terrible for the area and met our personal budget requirements. We decide to accept it.

I put the kids down for a nap. And really start cleaning like a crazy person. Holy cow. Even though the seller missed the deadline, we are still bound to have our current house on the market by Saturday. Thankfully it is anytime on Saturday.

Sat Feb 6.
We signed the counter offer. Turned the TV on for the kids. And then clean. Clean. Clean. We had the toilet installed for our brand new bathroom. Casey is doing touch up painting. As a result there is blue tape all over. Our realtor comes over. The house looks like a wreck. I mean we are not even talking about normal lived in mess. No. Total chaos. Somehow it has to get worse before it gets better. He had to take a few pictures to list our home. Uh. He had to be joking right?! We can't take pictures yet with the chaos. He wasn't joking. So we move the chaos to different sides of the room and take pictures without it.

My niece called and asked if we needed help cleaning. I about cried. We so needed help! She came over and helped me finish the kitchen. This was huge!! The kitchen became the dumping grounds as the other rooms became clean, random stuff and piles ended up in the kitchen. She was such a blessing! We talked while we cleaned. The company was appreciated too! She told me that she had no idea we were even moving but that Grandpa called and told her. That Grandpa. :) But trust me you haven't missed anything. No one knows. We didn't even know. This was definitely not in the plans.

Around 8:30 pm, we list our home for sale. No one knows yet. There is no sign in our yard and because of the way realtor websites update, our home is not even showing yet. But it is listed with the date of the 6th. We have written on the listing that there are no showings after 8 pm or on Sundays. So it didn't matter that there were still boxes piled all over the place and the floors were still dirty. We met the deadline for our agreement. It was listed.

Finally put the kids to bed much later than normal. Clean. Clean. Clean. Collapse into bed.

Sun Feb 7.
Go to church. We don't tell anyone. I don't know how to bring it up. Come home. Take naps. Work on a few things but try really hard to keep the Sabbath holy. Felt like we truly accomplished the impossible. Blessed from Heavenly Father to do so.

Mon Feb 8.
Wake up at O'dark thirty. Before work, Casey installed/ hung the new bathroom mirror. I run to Walmart. Buy grey towels to make the bathroom look pretty and match. End up buying a few other decorative things. Come home and Casey leaves for work. Clean bathroom floors. Wash counters. Get kids up. Eat breakfast. Vacuum the entire house including closets. My mom comes. She cut flowers and arranged them in vases. Place flowers all over the house. Keep vacuuming. My mom sweeps/ mops the kitchen floor. And changes Heidi's clothes.

Our realtor comes. And uses a pick axe to "dig" a hole in the frozen ground. For sale sign is placed. No one knows still. Very few cars drive on our street.

Open all the blinds. Turn on the lights. Grab anything that I can think we might need for the entire day. And leave. Two showings in the morning. Six showings in the late afternoon/ early evening. 


8 showings on Monday. 3 offers. Chose an offer that was higher than our list price. Sent a counter offer to lower their closing costs. They accepted Tuesday night!!!

So in exactly ONE week, we (1) decided we were moving right now, (2) placed an offer on a home, (3) went under contract on that home, (4) listed our home for sale, and (5) went under contract on our home.
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