Thursday, November 10, 2016

Does the Flag Still Stand For Freedom?

To answer the question/ title of this blog post... honestly, I'm not so sure. Does the flag still stand for freedom? I want to believe it does. I hope it does. But part of me wonders.

The lyrics to "God Bless the U.S.A." have been swirling around in my head this week. Especially the phrase, "Cause the flag still stands for freedom and they can't take that away." Monday night and Tuesday through out the election day, I constantly kept thinking of "the flag still stands for freedom." Despite how the election would go, that phrase was a comfort to me. I really did not see a favorable outcome of the election, but I was confident that life would go forward.

And truly it has.

Now. Allow me to insert this before I go on. I certainly do not intend to make this a mud-slinging post. Not at all. Nor a post to make known how I think people should have voted. No. We each should vote according to the dictates of our own conscience. And comments to this post will be moderated. So be warned.

Anyway, I keep thinking about the word freedom. Sadly, I think America as a whole gave up some of that freedom on election day. Not because of who won or lost the presidential candidacy but because how people chose to cast their vote.

My facebook feed exploded yesterday and even continues today with comments from friends voluntarily sharing how they chose to vote. Not who they voted for necessarily but why. And that why is what makes me believe that we gave up part of our freedom on that election day.

Generally speaking, the comments I keep reading are the people voted for their choice because they were afraid of the other major party candidate. Not because they believed in the person they were voting for or even because they agreed with the candidate. Simply the vote was cast because they were afraid of the other candidate.

It goes both ways. Some voted for Trump because they were afraid of Hillary's campaign. Some voted for Hillary because they were afraid of Trump's campaign.

Living in Utah, I have even read the comment of some voting for Trump because they were afraid that not enough people would stand behind Evan McMullin.

To vote with fear is when freedom is lost. 

I choose to stand with Evan McMullin and vote based on faith rather than fear. I'm disappointed he lost. Truthfully though, I did not think he would win. But I still choose to vote with faith. I'm not saying that everyone should have voted for him. No. I'm saying the country as a whole should have voted with faith not fear. I'm saying we should have used our freedom instead of simply casting it aside with fear.

I want to believe the flag still stands for freedom. However, my wishful thinking is not enough. I have to do something. We each have to do something. We need to take a stand. Let our voices be heard and stand up rather than shrink with fear. Each American needs to make the flag represent freedom in their own life. And as each person focuses on freedom and faith, it will trickle up to society as a whole.

We have a choice. A choice for freedom. Or a choice for fear.

And I choose freedom.