Thursday, June 8, 2017

dare to stand out

My Dear Little Missy Moo,

I didn't think clothes shopping for a two year old would be this hard! After all, you are TWO! Ruffles and dresses and frills and all things girly. But then summer hit. And it is hot outside. The playgrounds are hot. The air is hot. The sun is bright. And you just want to run and play and explore. You are a toddler and play is what you do best!

Truthfully, I'm in love with summer because I get to spend so much time with you and your best friend. No school. Instead we get to go exploring. And on field trips. And we especially get to play in parks.

All of the shorts you have barely cover your diaper. And not just from you growing. No. That is the design of the toddler shorts/ skirts. This was a problem. I started searching for longer ones. I wasn't concerned about modesty because after all, you are ONLY TWO! But I wanted your legs protected from the slide as you giggle down. I want your legs protected from the sun so you wouldn't have a sunburn and make you so uncomfortable to sit down. I also was hoping for something cooler than long pants while playing outside during summer.

After searching stores, thinking I was going to have to hem some long pants into shorts and finally (FINALLY!!!!) finding some longer shorts for you to wear, I realized this really is all about modesty. Choosing to dress modestly is a blessing and a gift to yourself. It protects you. I wanted your legs protected from the metal (or even plastic) slide. Heavenly Father wants you protected from the temptations of evil. And not that dressing immodestly means you are automatically evil or making poor choices. Wearing short shorts does not mean you are guaranteed a burn. It just means that you have one more layer of protection.

Dare to stand out. Even in a crowd when mini shorts and frilly tutus with nothing underneath are in. Be brave. Be bold. Be strong. Follow Christ. I know it takes time and effort to find clothes that fit. And I already totally get that you have really long legs (and fingers!!) and what might be modest on one may not be modest on another. But I promise you my dear Sweet Pea that the effort to find modest clothes will be returned hundred-fold in blessings. In strength. In protection.

This song sums up my feelings perfectly. I will. And I pray you will too!

I made my choice
You can mark this day  
The day I pledged to take his name  
I will be strong 
I will be brave 
Standing for him as I take my place 
I have felt the spirit burn truth in my heart 
It's in my heart  
I will stand I will not fall in a world that's weak I will be strong 
I'll be true I will chose his way yeah,  
I know what's right and I will not change 
In a world where so many will not, I will 

With love unending,

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